Nail Trim

House Call Nail Trim | 35

Your cat's/dog's nails trimmed by a professional pet nail specialist in the comfort of your own home

$10 off additional cats/dogs in the same home

Special Event Nail Trim | 18

Your dog's nails trimmed by a professional pet nail specialist at your favorite pet supply shop.


Add-On Services


Anal Gland Expression | 12


Anal glands expressed to reduce your dog's scooting


Ear Cleaning | 12


Natural enzymatic ear cleaner massaged into your cat's/dog's ears to clean and help prevent ear infections


Paw Hair Trim | 12 


Your cat's/dog's paw hair trimmed to help prevent loss of traction and reduce tracking litter/dirt in your home


Paw Pad Moisturizing Treatment | 12


Locally made natural paw balm massaged into your dog's paw pads to soothe and help prevent dryness and cracking


Sanitary Trim | 12 


Your cat's/dog's potty areas shaved to reduce potty messes



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  • Pawdicures Canine Nail Specialists
  • Pawdicures Canine Nail Specialists

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