Why are regular nail trims so important?

November 25, 2017

Did you know? If you can hear your dog's nails clicking on the floor, they are too long.


Not only will long nails destroy your hardwood floors and scratch your guests, they are also a major health risk for your dog.


According to Dr. Melissa of PNW Visiting Vet, "Having your dog's nails trimmed regularly is important for their health. Long nails can be a source of discomfort, lameness, and infection."


When dog's nails are touching the ground, (resulting in the click click click you hear when they are walking) the nails dig into the nail beds with every step, causing pain and opening them up to infection. They are at high risk of breaking or splitting nails, causing even more excruciating pain.


Long nails affect posture and can cause long-term health issues, like the back pain that Mary had before getting on a regular nail trim schedule.


Check out this incredibly in-depth lecture given by rehabilitation veterinarian, Dr. Leslie, on the importance of regular nail trims and the dangers of long nails. She discusses how to get the quicks (the nerve and blood supply in the nail) to recede without pain if they have become overgrown.

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  • Pawdicures Canine Nail Specialists
Pawdicures Canine Nail Specialists

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  • Pawdicures Canine Nail Specialists

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