The Top 5 Gift Ideas for Power Chewer Dogs

December 15, 2017

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My Pit Bull Paisley likes to play surgeon, though her malpractice insurance would be through the roof if she ever got her paws on a real scalpel. Her favorite thing to do is rip toys open and make them unrecognizable. The faster the better.


Over the years I've found a few toys that actually hold up to my little surgeon's teeth. So if you're still trying to figure out what to get your four-legged child for the holidays, check this list.


You still have time to pop into your local pet supply store, or if you're an introvert who'd rather spend time with your dog than any humans, get them delivered through Amazon.




 ​​5  - Tuffy Ultimate Dog Toy​


These are the only squeaky toys that make it beyond 30 seconds with Paisley. It’s still a stuffed toy, so naturally it won’t last too long with a determined chewer, b​​ut they have extra stitching between the squeakers and the material is a lot tougher than your average stuffed toy. Paisley goes BANANAS for these.


Get one here.










​​4 - Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Ball


These are so cool! They smell like mint! They glow in the dark and make fun sounds when you bounce or throw them and they float. They hold up really well!


Get one here.











​​3 - Kong


The classic. These are amazing and can totally replace your dog’s food bowl. I stuff Paisley’s raw food in these and freeze them and it gives her amazing enrichment. It keeps her busy for at least an hour and she always naps after finishing a frozen Kong.


Get one here.











 ​​​2 - West Paw Bone


I was SO skeptical about this one. I still can’t believe how well it has held up! It’s been over a year and it’s still in one piece!


Get one here.










​​1 - Water Buffalo Horn


This thing is amazing. Paisley has had the exact same one that she chews on for an hour or so before bed every night. After almost TWO YEARS it is still intact.


Get one here.

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